The flotation machine is one of the most important equipment in the   beneficiation process, evergreen company production of the rotor and stator of  advanced design, mold design, reasonable chemical stability, impact   resistance,tear resistance, light weight, convenient handling, maintenance and replacement,dynamic balance detection stability and enhance the stability of the    operation,reduce the partial load, the rotor and the stator is    made of high quality rubber, polyurethane, nylon formula three specifications, quality first-class. 
     Each model,HITECK produce full range of flotation machine stator, impeller. Such as KYF type, XCF type, BFtype, JJF type, BS-K type, GF type, SF type, FLSML type, DTH type, WEMCOtype, DORR type, etc.. The company has the most comprehensive AI Grenada sofar the biggest manufacturer of the world specifications, different types of flotationmachine, to provide comprehensive solutions, all of the stator and impeller can   be customized according to the actual conditions of Surveying and mapping, and  operating mines tailored rubber, polyurethane formulation, macromolecule nylon  formula.
The flotation machine rotor and stator features:
1.Advanced product design,high accuracy.
2.High wear resistance
3.Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and seawater corrosion.
4.Impact resistance, tear resistance
5.Light weight, easy installation,repair and transportation
5.Dynamic balance stability test improve the operation stability