Polyurethane screen, sieve plate
The polyurethane screen and sieve plate, widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal screen, building materials, water conservancy, construction industry, steel plate punching mesh, wire mesh, stainless steel plate products, has the advantages of light weight, high efficiency, no blocking, anti friction, impact resistance, tear resistance, long service life (is a stainless steel plate 2 – 3 times), the advantages of low noise, convenient installation, comprehensive benefits.
Four kinds according to the structure of the polyurethane sieve plate:
1, mosaic type 2, bolt connection 3, layering connection 4, sieve hook connection
Performance characteristics

Polyurethane elastic sieve plate makes full use of polyurethane elastomer excellent wear-resisting performance, wide  hardness range of high strength, high elongation and high elasticity, good damping performance and oil resistance,low temperature resistance, heat aging, radiation resistance, electrical insulation and other properties, together with   its reasonable sieve structure and installation structure design, so that the polyurethane sieve plate has the following characteristics:
     Good wear resistance, long service life, the wear resistance of the steel plate is 3 – 5 times of the steel plate.the maintenance workload is small, the polyurethane screen plate is not easy to be damaged, and the service life is  long, so the maintenance quantity and the lost maintenance loss can be greatly reduced.
     The total cost is low, although the same size (area) of the polyurethane sieve plate than stainless steel plate of a  secondary investment high (about 2 times), but because life is stainless steel plate polyurethane sieve plate 3 – 5 times, and  the maintenance and replacement of a few times, so the total cost is not high, but also very economical.
Good wet – proof performance, can work under the condition of water, and in the case of water, oil and other media, the  friction coefficient of polyurethane and materials is reduced, more conducive to screen, improve the screening efficiency, and avoid the adhesion of wet particles, at the same time due to the lower friction coefficient, wear and wear, improve the service life.
corrosion – resistant, non – flammable, non – toxic and tasteless. Because the screen design is reasonable, the screen plate manufacturing process is unique, the limit size particles will not block the sieve.
Good vibration absorption performance, strong noise elimination ability, can reduce noise, and can make the screen  material in the process of vibration is not easy to break.
Because of the characteristics of polyurethane secondary vibration, the polyurethane sieve plate has self – cleaning effect, so the screening efficiency is high. The energy saving and consumption reducing, the polyurethane proportion is small, the weight of the same size steel screen is much lighter, thus reducing the screening machine load, saving electricity consumption, and can prolong the life of the screening machine