Application of high pressure rubber diaphragm for filter plate:
     The main difference with ordinary diaphragm filter press, two pieces of high elastic rubber diaphragm are installed on both sides of the filter plate , during the operation, when the feeding end, high pressure fluid can be injected into the diaphragm plate, then the diaphragm will inflate to press filter cake, so as to realize the further dewatering of filter cake, that is press filtration, finally filtration and separation can be done. The rubber diaphragm filter plate is usually embedded in the groove of the core plate, which is easy to disassemble and replace, because the rubber diaphragm has high resilience and tear resistance, and therefore is not easy to damage.

       Filter plate can be divided into polypropylene filter plate and diaphragm filter plate, which is widely used in chemical, mining, petroleum, pharmaceutical, food, resource development, metallurgy, coal, national defense industry, environmental protection and other fields.
Advantages of rubber diaphragm:
diaphragm high elasticity, strong tear resistance
diaphragm can be replaced
filter press, the closing force does not directly act on the diaphragm
even in the cavity state, diaphragm movement will not fail
good sealing of filter plate system
High safety of diaphragm system